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Stories from our project: Giardigiò

I didn’t always feel like cooking when I’d come home late from work. While doing some research, I came across a variety of combinations for cheese and cold cuts, which I enjoyed, such as jams, compotes and giardinieras.
That’s it! Giardiniera!
I came up with different versions, each with its own identity, by using seasonal food. I couldn’t stop myself from further experimenting, so I looked for fruit and vegetable combinations. And so came the first jams! They all contained spices, as I was looking for non-ordinary, exceptional flavors. One night I invited some friends over to taste my products and it was immediate success! “Where did you get these jams and giardinieras?” “I make them on my own, just for passion”

My passion evolved into a project when I met a person that was so intrigued by the tastes and colors of my creations that she decided to continue it with me.

Our search for a laboratory and raw materials was driven by our need to experiment with new flavors and original ideas. Then came the broths, the dried food, the preserves and much more.

We are going to keep introducing unusual, genuine and colorful products based on seasonal food, in compliance with the Mediterranean tradition. At the same time they will have modern, international tastes.
Like our chutneys – native to India but largely known in the West – that are increasingly used in the Italian kitchen.

You don't see flavor,
you taste it

Only by tasting you can get to know the feeling that brought us to create all this. Visit our online store, find out about our products and… enjoy the ride!
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